How to resize page including images on the page

Using PDFnet 10.2 for .Net Framework I am trying to simply resize the pages of a pdf til A4.

internal static void ResizeToA4(this Page page)
			double pagewidth = page.GetPageWidth();
			double pageheight = page.GetPageHeight();

			double scale = 1.0;

			double widthinuserunits = 8.27 / (page.GetUserUnitSize() /72); // inches
            double heightinuserunits = 11.69 / (page.GetUserUnitSize() / 72); // inches

			if (pagewidth < pageheight)
				scale = widthinuserunits / pagewidth;
				scale = widthinuserunits / pageheight;


However it does not resize images on the page.

How do I scale the page with all content ?

Hi Johannes,

There is a forum page with more information on what methods to use to scale the entire page:

Let me know how that works for you and if you have anymore questions.