How to select particular text from pdf

Product: WebViewer

Product Version:8.0.1

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I want to give user’s an ability to select a particular text from pdf page

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I want to give user to select any text from a pdf page and I want to use that selected text to save in my database also I I want to extract the co-ordinates of selected text.
How can I achieve this in react.
For example In this image I have highlighted a number and I have to select that number and add that in my databse

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Hi There,
You can use our getSelectedText and getSelectedTextQuads methods.
Assuming you are on the text selection tool, you can get the selected text on mouse up event like this:

const { documentViewer } = instance.Core
documentViewer.addEventListener('mouseLeftUp', async (e) => {
  if (documentViewer.getToolMode().name === "TextSelect") {
    const textArray = documentViewer.getSelectedText().split('\n');
    const quads = documentViewer.getSelectedTextQuads()
    const collection = [];
    const pagesWithSelectedText = Object.keys(quads);
    pagesWithSelectedText.forEach(pageNumber => {
      quads[pageNumber].forEach(quad => {
        collection.push({ pageNumber, quad })
    collection.forEach((item, index) => {
      item['text'] = textArray[index]

Here is a video that demonstrates the effect of the code

Hi @ychen these (x1,y1), (x2,y2), (x3,y3), (x4,y4) which corners these quads represents and in what order?

The coordinates of a quad represent the corners in this order:

    |        |

It is also explained in our documentation here.

Hi @ychen ,
I have one doubt that what is the reference point of these x & y co-ordinates at a particular point

The x and y refers to the viewer page coordinates system in WebViewer.
There are detailed explanations of how the coordinate systems work in WebViewer in the above link, but as a quick example, if you want to convert the xy coordinates from your mouse event to the viewer page coordinates, the easiest way is to use getViewerCoordinatesFromMouseEvent API:

const { documentViewer } = instance.Core
    const viewerCoord = documentViewer.getViewerCoordinatesFromMouseEvent(e)