How to show 2 webviewer which join a collaboration sync session in a web page?

I have a document, and I want to show 2 views in a web page (in reactjs web), 1 view can annotate, scroll, and another view only can view.
There will be some restrictions like users will only be able to log in as one user at a time, and they won’t be able to be a different user on each screen. However, collaboration session (ex: create or join a sync session, …) depends on users. In a web page means just login by one user, so how to create 2 views in a page, 1 view is for ‘leader’, 1 view is for ‘follower’?

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Hello Iris,

In the collaboration sync session, the follower’s screen will scroll as the leader’s screen. So, those two viewers should be the same. For now, you can try to load 2 Webviewer and 2 Collab clients into one page. Thanks.

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