How to show the digital signature view immediately after a tap (iOS)


We creating an app for signing pdf files legally. I have the PDFNet framework that I have to modify.

My problem now is: I have a viewController that display the pdf, I also have a “+ plus” button on the navigationController that I want to press, then tap on a screen were the pdf is displayed, immediately pops up the digital signature modal view. I don’t want the e_floating signature. I only want the e_digital signature.

Again, there is a gray-out rectangle on the pdf , I also want to tap on it, immediately pops up the e_digital signature modal view, sign it and save the digital signature.

I always want to sign digitally, doesnt matter whether the signature exist or not.
As a starting point you might want to look at the CompleteReader sample project. It uses the tools library’s AnnotationToolbar class. When someone clicks the signature toolbar item, it sets the digital signature tool (line ~328). You could do so in the same manner when someone taps your “+” button. The next tap on the document will bring up the new signature tool item, but instead you’d like it at to bring up the signature pane immediately. This will change will require you to change the digital signature’s response to the first tap. Responses to tap events are handled in DigitalSignatureTool.m’s handleTap: event handler. You will want to change the response, to show the signature pane right away, via the showDigitalSignatureViewController: method.