How to update PDFNet library on Android if we have other dependencies that do not support 64 bit?


We are using a version of PDFNet for Android that was released a couple of years ago. The reason why we have been stuck on the version is that other dependencies of our framework does not support 64 bit architecture.
Since PDFNet library already has 64 bit library packaged, the compiler requires every other dependencies to have 64 bit library and fails when there’s one that doesn’t have.
So the question is, how can we update to latest PDFNet for Android?


Both 32 bit PDFNet libraries (armeabi-v7a and x86) can run on 64 bit environment. For example you can always use armeabi-v7a version of the library to run on an arm64-v8a device. And x86 to run on x86_64 device.

As long as you only include the 32 bit libraries in your app, the compiler will be happy. The 64 bit library is optimized for its environment but the 32 bit library will work just fine.