How to use PDFNet 'static' libraries in a large scale C++ project?


We are developing a large scale C++ application that relies on many
libraries (including PDFNet). I'm getting a linker error which seems
to indicate a conflict between pdfMDDll.lib and a 3rd party image
processing library. How can I use PDFNet static libraries in a large
C++ project?

I've tried changing the link order. I've also tried the /FORCE
linker command line switch. This builds the project, but there are
additional errors.


The problem is that there may be some name space collisions in
different static libraries. To avoid name and API collisions in large
projects, it is a good idea to break the application in several
modules/DLL-s. For example, you could compile 3rd party image
processing library as a dynamic library (i.e. DLL), or alternatively
you could compile your code that uses PDFNet (but not ImageMagick) as a
separate DLL.