How to use PDFViewWPF . RefreshAndUpdate( ViewChangeCollection )

Product: PDFNet Framework WPF

Product Version: Latest

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I cannot seem to find a way to get ViewChangeCollection to pass on to the RefreshAndUpdate function.

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I am facing troubles with getting the WPF-viewer to update all annotations added. We enroll a lot of square annotations which should then be refreshed/updated on the viewer. However, we have tried to call Update(annottation, pagenumber) for each push of annotation, and/or Update(true) at the end. Everytime, randomly some of the annotations are not updated in the viewer, they are however selectable.

Thus, we would like to test out the RefreshAndUpdate() function, however, it seems not explained how to build a ViewChangeCollection.

Thank you for contacting us about this. Are you able to reproduce this issue with any document you load into the viewer? In addition, are you able to reproduce this issue by modifying the sample WPF project? If so, could you please provide us with the modified sample so we can take a look on our end?

Thank you.