HTML 2 PDF question


I was trying the showcase page ( to check how the html 2 pdf looks like. Some of my HTML code has CTIGNORE tags ( ). I was wondering if PDFTron ignores these tags specifically before rendering teh PDF, but doesnt seem to do so. Is there a way around this? I have a lot of unwanted html between these tags that I dont need to be rendered.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

Can you show an example HTML page where you use CTIGNORE tags, and what you expect the output to look like? Is CTIGNORE is standard HTML tag? I was having trouble finding information about it.

Sardor Isakov,
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems

CTIGNORE is not part of the HTML standard.

Based on the example you gave, your HTML is also XHTML (valid XML), and while the CTIGNORE is meaningless, the “” the XML standard for comments.

Since you HTML is also XML, then you could pre-processes the HTML and remove everything between the CTIGNORE tags, using any XML parsing tool you want to use.