HTML2PDF Conversion Font difference in Windows and Linux

Product: PDFNet Linux, PdfNet Windows

Product Version: 9.3.8

Please give a brief summary of your issue: The font style is different when convert from Html2Pdf_Chromium.dll and

I noticed when converting the same file using in Linux is slightly different from the output I get from Html2Pdf_Chromium.dll conversion. The font and the alignments are different.
I double checked with by opening it from Chrome browser, there it gave the correct font style. This can happen since Linux font configurations can be different from Windows mechanism. But is there a way to handle the difference? Is this a known issue ?

I have attached the outputs I got in separate platforms;

The file I used for testing is attached here;
format7.html (5.4 KB)

I have attached the 2 projects I have used for Windows and Linux (P.S I have removed the pdfnet related binaries) (947.4 KB) (858.6 KB)

The Windows and Linux versions of the HTML2PDF module are different, built specifically for the OS, and you may see some slight differences in the layout. Linux does not have the Times New Roman and Verdana fonts you are using installed by default. I installed the ttf-mscorefonts-installer package on Linux and generated an output with the correct fonts and the output appears closer to the Windows output.
Windows Linux - MS Fonts Installed

You are using an older version of the SDK. The current version is 10.2. If installing the MS fonts does not change the layout you are seeing please update the latest version of the SDK and HTML2PDF module and test.