HTML2PDF.Convert is not noveting properly because of "@media only screen" style

I have spent a day trying to figure out why our html page layout is being squeezed. I have finaly found why. our HTML Designers in the header added this for resizing based on screen size:

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {
.w800>img {width:400px!important;height:188px!important;}
.w60 {width: 30px!important;}
.w380 {width: 190px!important;}
.w20 {width:10px!important;}
.w260 {width:130px!important;}
.w168 {width:84px!important;height:57px!important;}
.w168 img {width:84px!important;height:57px!important;}
span {font-size:12px!important;}
.w380 {width:190px!important;}
.bullets img{width:7px!important;height:8px!important;}
.social_media img{width:13px!important;height:13px!important;}
.smaller_text {font-size:8px!important}
.myEnergyWorld {width:130px!important;height:98px!important;}
.interac {width:130px!important;height:98px!important;}
.preAuthorized {width:130px!important;height:76px!important;}
.grey_box_content {font-size:10px!important;line-height:12px!important;}

When I remove this the PDF is generated properly.
in our code we are not setting any options any the pdf’s are aytomatically 8.5 x11 is there a setting i need to set to ignore “@media only screen” or make it work properly without having to remove this section?
we are using PDFTron in .NET and HTML2PDF v
in our .net code all i do is initalize PDFtron and call HTML22PDF like this:
HTML2PDF.Convert(_doc, url.ToString());

I think calling WebPageSettings.SetPrintMediaType with True will avoid these styles. Thought that might have other knock on effects.

If the above doesn’t work, you can also load a style sheet, and try and override those values.
See this post for more about custom style sheet with HTML2PDF.!searchin/pdfnet-sdk/html2pdf$20style/pdfnet-sdk/vXQfeAjuiKs/6n2TegYKE1kJ