I tested the trial API to convert PDF to HTML, facing some issues

Product: pdf2html.exe

Product Version:

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Some of the signs are missed from the final conversion, please let us know how to resolve those issues

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My pdf is confidential, I can not able to share it
in my PDF there is checkbox and cross sign is there in checkbox, that sign is missed, how to generate html with that sign from pdf

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My pdf is confidential, I can not able to share it
Attached one icon, which is coming blank in the final conversion


I used exe files downloaded from here - PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation

If you have other tool to convert PDF to HTML or DOC with highest accuracy and quality, please suggest


Thank you for contacting us about this. Based on the image you shared with us of the checkbox, it appears that it is part of a document that contains form fields, is that correct?

If so, do you require the form fields to be clickable or just the selected (or unselected) state to be present on the final document?