if annotation size changed, does FDFMerge see it as new annotation

using (Stream ms = new MemoryStream())
            using (PDFDoc pdfDoc = new PDFDoc(this.documentRepository.DownloadBlobToStream(in_BlobParts.Container, in_BlobParts.BlobFileNameId, ms)))
                var existingAnnots = pdfDoc.FDFExtract(PDFDoc.ExtractFlag.e_both);
                var xxx = existingAnnots.SaveAsXFDF(); // test to see existing annotations
                using (FDFDoc fdf = new FDFDoc(FDFDoc.CreateFromXFDF(annotations)))
                    var yyy = fdf.SaveAsXFDF(); // test to see in annotations

                var zzz = pdfDoc.FDFExtract(PDFDoc.ExtractFlag.e_both).SaveAsXFDF(); //test to see results, here I see two annotations with the same guid name, in annotation is a resize of the existing annotation. expected to see a single merged annotation with the new size. But see two with the same name guid.

So question, should they have merged into a single annotation, if so anyone see why code is incorrect.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Laurance,

We have since improved this feature in the latest version of our SDK, where merging annotations will take the GUIDs into account. If you would like a release candidate version of our new SDK, please contact us at support@pdftron.com (we can provide you with the build later this week).


thank you for the answer.