Implement mobile webviewer in Telerik Platform (previously known as PhongGap) using javascript

i am trying to implement mobile webviewer in Telerik Platform (previously known as PhongGap) using javascript. what i actually want to do is to display xod (xod is byte format in json) returned by my web service (conversion from PDF to XOD is done at server side). I did try in the following method, but end up in vain. has anyone done something like this before? if so, can share how it has been done?

var data = “data:application/octet-stream;base64,” + xodString; //xodstring contains the xod byte string returned by webservice

myWebViewer = new PDFTron.WebViewer({
type: type,
path: ‘WebViewer/lib’,
initialDoc: “GettingStarted.xod”,
documentType: docType,
documentId: “GettingStarted”,
enableAnnotations: true,
mobileRedirect: false,
streaming: false //set streaming to ‘true’ if your .xod server doesn’t acknowledge byte-ranges
}, viewerElement);

Thanks for any suggestion and advice in advance.


Hi, there is a separate WebViewer forum. I would re-post there. But for hopefully the following info helps.!forum/pdfnet-webviewer

You should not be using base64 data if your xod file is hosted remotly on server. Base64 encoding is typcially only done when trying to view local xod file (no internet access).

initialDoc should be the url to your xod. Simply putting GettingStarted.xod is telling Webviewer to load that file in the same folder as the html file hosting this javascript. Instead, the url should be something like “http://myserver.domain/storate/file.xod”.

xod is byte format in json. Xod files are not json, and are actually binary data and therefore incompatible. I suppose you are base64 encoding the xod and putting into a json object. I would just put the url in the json and leave the xod alone.

Again, please re-post to the WebViewer forum and answer the above questions, and explain things with a bit more detail, and you will get a better response.!forum/pdfnet-webviewer