Implementing interactive forms editing using PDFNet SDK for .NET


I need a .NET control that is accessible and supports ADOBE tags.
Also, I need to display ADOBE forms created in ADOBE designer and then
check some checkboxes inside of those forms after loading
programmatically. Then I need to read in the checkboxes that the user
changed before closing the document.

PDFNet comes with a built-in PDF viewer and an extensive API that
supports everything from PDF creation, content extraction/editing,
forms manipulation, PDF page split & merge, printing, etc (see http://

For an example of how to programmatically work with forms, please take
a look at the InteractiveForms sample project:

You may also want to take a look at the following variation of the
PDFView sample project ( In case you want to implement interactive
forms manipulation, you can extend the 'OnMouseDown' event in the
'MyPDFView' class to process 'e_Widget' annotations.

Also in the next major version of PDFNet SDK we are planning to make
interactive forms manipulation even easier with a new pre-packaged
tool modes in PDFView class.