Implementing playback for flash/video/multimedia files embedded in PDF.


I would like to implement functionality to play video/multimedia and
flash files embedded in PDF documents. Is this possible to implement?
Currently PDFNet displays static document (e.g. only the first frame
from the movie or flash animation).


Basically you would need to derive a class from PDFView class similar
to MyPDFView example in PDFView sample project (

You would need to create a windowless control on top of PDFView window
based on annotation MIME type, then extract the embedded multimedia
stream and pass it to the ActiveX component that will render and draw
the content on top of PDFView window. You can obtain current
positioning information for all annotations on the page using Page and
Annot classes and PDFView coordinate conversion methods to convert
between page and screen coordinates.

Altogether this is not trivial to do but it can be done using the
current API.