Imported base64 signature is low quality

Product: webviewer

Product Version:8.11.0

I’m having an issue with trying to use base64 signature image export by AnnotationCreateSignature tool: signatureTool.getPreview(annotation)
But I use the preview which is a base64 string to create an other signature is low quality: signatureTool.setSignature(preview).

Hi there,

If you wish to get the base64 image data string from an annotation, you can check first to see if the method getImageData() exists on the annotation. If not, you can try programmatically increase the dimension of the annotation first then call getPreview, and then change the dimension back, so that the exported annotation can have a higher resolution.

Internally we don’t compress the image with the setSignature method, but in the case where the annotation has an appearance, you may have to remove the appearance first then use the getPreview method because appearances themselves are often not high quality. The following should help you to remove any appearance on the annotation:

annotation.appearances = null

Yixiao Chen