Importing ArcGIS ASCII Grid Files

PDF3D ReportGen and PDF3D.IO development SDK can be used to convert geospatial formats, such as ArcGIS ASCII grid files, to 2D or 3D PDF.

To convert a typical 1800x1800 tile, please follow these steps for a good 3D PDF :

  1. Load your desired input file and set a suitable output path for your PDF
  2. In case of PRC-HCT compression type, set 0.00001 as PRC tolerance, to reduce depth numerical truncation


  1. set View Scheme to Geospatial, to get North Compass and improved default views

  1. set Insert Controls for Z Scaling, leave default value at 1.0

  2. Set Subsampling to 4 (to load every 4th row and column) and Select Skip Full Grid (to reduced texture memory overheads)


  1. Under Geospatial controls:
  • set degree to meter conversion factor to 0.0003 (to make visual exaggeration of depth variations)
  • Select Degrees as XY Axes Unit (as ArcGIS XY units are in Lat-Lon decimal degrees)