Improving colour fidelity when viewing/rendering PDF files

Q: I recently tried the sample code for viewing a PDF in .NET. This
works great. However, since we need colour fidelity in our operations
(artwork approval prior to production runs) our end users (sigh.. very
picky...) noticed that a document opened in Reader v8 vs. your sample
code was slightly different. In Reader a colour was a certain red
(matches a PATONE reference), while in your sample code, the color
was pale. I experimented with raster options etc. and was happily
able to get a crisper image than possible with Reader, but could not
get the colour to be richer (truer). The red in question looks
pinkish. Is there something to control this?
A: You could improve the result of color conversion by enabling color
management. To enable ICC color management call
PDFNet.SetColorManagement(true) and initialize default ICC color
profiles. For example:


Set the default ICC color profiles for device color spaces.
try {
  // Note: You can place the profile in the PDFNet resource folder, or
you can provide an explicit path.
catch (Exception ex) {
  Console.WriteLine("The specified color profile was not found.");

For a complete sample, you may want to take a look at PDFDraw sample
project ( To test
this functionality you may want to uncomment relevant sections at the
beginning of the file.

You can find similar code in PDFView sample project (just after the
line that initializes PDFNet)

To download other standard color profiles used in Adobe products,
please use the following link:

You can then copy all *.icc files to the PDFNet resource folder (or to
some other location).