Incremental downloading and viewing of remote PDF documents on iOS / Android


Is there a way to load the document page by page or start displaying the pages which has been loaded and keep loading the rest of the document?

I am using NSURLConnection to load the document in memory and then display it.


The current versions of PDFNet SDK include a method PDFViewCtrl.openURL that can be used for on-demand PDF/XOD document vieweing. Note that the PDF must be linearized in order for the pages to be displayed as they are downloaded (otherwise you would need to wait for the whole document to download before viewing it). You can linearize a document with PDFNet by saving with the e_linearized flag, or using Acrobat using the “Fast Web View” option. Below is an example usage of the method:

[pdfViewCtrl OpenUrl:@“” WithPDFPassword:@""];