Initialization problem with AnnotationToolbarComponent

Product: Native Android SDK

Product Version: 9.4.2 to 10.4.0

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updating 9.4.2 to 10.4.0 cause compilation issue

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We have a custom class instantiating a TabletAnnotationToolbarComponent but after updating our sdk level it looks as thought the constructors needed to instantiate a TabletAnnotationToolbarComponent. This is what is used to be in 9.4.2:

currentPdfViewCtrlFragment?.toolManager?.let { toolManager ->
            val annotationBar = view?.findViewById<FrameLayout>(
            val vmProvider = ViewModelProvider(this)
            val toolManagerVm: ToolManagerViewModel =
            toolManager.enableAnnotManager(if (hasAnnotationPermission) userID else "-1")
            toolManagerVm.toolManager = toolManager

            val presetVm: PresetBarViewModel = vmProvider[]
            val annotToolbarVm: AnnotationToolbarViewModel =

            annotationView = AnnotationToolbarView(annotationBar ?: return@let)
            // Create our UI component for the annotation toolbar
            mAnnotationToolbarComponent = TabletAnnotationToolbarComponent(
                /* lifecycleOwner = */ this,
                /* fragmentManager = */ childFragmentManager,
                /* annotationToolbarViewModel = */ annotToolbarVm,
                /* presetBarViewModel = */ presetVm,
                /* toolManagerViewModel = */ toolManagerVm,
                /* signatureViewModel = */ this.mSignatureViewModel,
                /* view = */ annotationView ?: return@let,
                /* presetBarView = */ this.presetBarComponent,
                /* isInsideAnnotationToolbar = */ this.useTabletLayout(),
                /* toolsToHidePresetBar = */ null,
                /* hidePresetBar = */ this.mHidePresetBar,

This code above now won’t compile. How can I convert the 9.4.2 custom toolbar to work in the 10.4.0 constructor? I can’t find any documentation on this.

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Hi Seth,
Theres been a change to the TabletAnnotationToolbarComponent constructor in 10.2.0 of our Apryse Android release, as documented here:

You will need to now provide this argument: TabletPresetBarView

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@ama1 Could you give an example of how to initialize the TabletPresetBarView please? The documentation doesn’t really give an example of what to pass in as the parent: View

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The parent should be the parent of the AnnotationToolbarView.
From your example it looks like it should be annotationBar

val tabletPresetBarView = TabletPresetBarView(
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