Inserting PDF annotations in existing PDF documents.

Q: Our primary need is related to annotation of existing PDF

It would be really helpful if you could point me to parts of your
documentation (or even better provide a sample) showing how this is

We are interested in understanding what level of support can PDFNet
SDK provide for different annotations as specified in Section 8.4 of
PDF Reference manual.
A: As a starting point you may want to take a look at PDFView sample
project ( The C#/
VB.NET sample project includes an very simple custom tool to add links
and markup annotations. In this sample the markup tool adds freehand
drawing to the actual page content, but a similar approach can be used
to add the markup to the annotation layer (instead of the page).

Another sample worth taking a look is Annotation sample project
( This sample
show how to read, write, and edit a number of different annotation

One of distinguishing features of PDFNet API is that it is very simple
to add support for new annotation types and features that are not
directly available in the high-level API. By mixing 'pdftron.SDF' and
'pdftron.PDF' APIs it is fairly easy to create and edit any type of
PDF annotation (Section 8.4 in PDF Reference Manual) as well as to add
support for custom annotation types. For concrete examples, you may
want to take a look at U3D sample project (
samplecode.html#U3D) or search for "annotation" in this forum.