Integrate PDFTron and Tools in our library and distribute it via vsix


We want to distribute our own library that manually integrates PDFTron. Our goal is to add PDFTron (.vsix) dependencies in our vsix package in order to install at the same time as our library.

Apryse docs (Apryse Documentation | Documentation) explains how to integrate Tools project into a final application but we would like to know how we can integrate it manually so that it can be distributed using vsix, without using NuGet dependencies.

Thanks a lot.

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Javier Bonilla | Mobbeel

Thank you for contacting Apryse support.

I’m reviewing your request and will get back to you shortly.

What exact framework are you using? e.g. .net6
What OS are you targeting?
What bitness?

I’m using net framework 4.5, target version v10.0 and PDFTron 10.4.0

I’m trying to build and integrate the Tools project as the Apryse document explains, but I’ve been getting several “files not found” errors. These errors seem to be related to the signature functionality: SignatureType, SignatureContentDialog, SignatureItem …