Integrating PDFNet WebViewer with a WPF application

Q: We purchased PDFNet WebViewer SDK ( and now we need to port the existing functionality of our Silverlight document viewer to WPF. Is there a port available from your sample document viewer where we can add in our additional functionality to it. We have a requirement now to have the XOD documents viewable by internal client software written in WPF.

I suppose the SilverDox.dll cannot be used and linked in by a WPF application?

A: Unfortunately WPF and Silverlight are not fully compatible (, so you will probably run into some issues if you directly reference Silverdox.dll in a WPF project.

At the same time, you should be able to host a Silverlight control in a browser control within WPF app or by using Silverlight control directly (e.g. … etc).

Now SilverDox / PDFNet WebViewer XOD files are just XPS files (, so you should be able to use WPF FixedPage document & viewer (

Alternatively you could use pdftron.PDF.Convert.FromXps() and load XOD/XPS in PDFTron’s PDFViewWPFCtrl or PDFViewCtrl (both of which offer build-in annotation support etc). Starting with v5.8 - PDFNet SDK includes WPF control with the similar type of functionality as SilverDox. As an example, please see PDFViewWPF sample which is included as part of .NET 4+ SDK distribution (