iOS Crashing - Bad Access - TRN_ConvertFileToTiff

Hi, my application has been consistently experiencing a large amount of crashes in iOS. I have very little understanding of what is causing it.

Attached is a sample stack trace of the crash. The state of the main thread appears to be different in each instance, so I don’t expect anything happening on main is causing the issue.

I have not personally been able to replicate the crash. I have supposed it’s possible the crash is due to specific PDF documents / elements in documents that my users may use and I have not, though that is pure speculation on my behalf.

I would greatly appreciate help in understanding this issue. It appears to account for over 90% of my applications crashes.



TRN_ConvertFileToTiff_crash.txt (17.3 KB)

Hello Brad,

What version of PDFNet are you running? PTPDFNet.GetVersion.

The state of the main thread appears to be different in each instance

This would imply that there is a threading, or out of memory issue.

This document goes into concurrency for PDFNet.!topic/pdfnet-sdk/pDZsqrjCEdg

Essentially, if you are using the PTPDFViewCtrl class, or our existing PDFViewCtrlTools code, then read/write locking is taken care of for you. But as soon as you use any API on the PTPDFDoc object, then you need to read/write lock.

Otherwise, we would need more info on the actions that trigger the issue.

But typically the first step is updating to the latest version. Please contact support to get the latest link.