[iOS] Custom Annotations

I am attempting to merge an XFDF file into a local PDF.
The XFDF contains custom annotation classes implemented from the web editor, and therefore the local XFDF is not recognized. Base annotations are recognized and render properly.

I have been unable to locate any Objective C sample code related to creating/extending annotations in order to have the XFDF parser recognize the annotations. If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

You would parse the XML using what ever XML tool you prefer for your language you are using. Then you would use our AnnotationsTest sample code to show how to create new annotations based off of your custom ones?

The other option, is to stick with the standard annotations, but add some custom data. Then after importing, parse manually as above, but using the unique id entry, you can match up between the imported PDF annotation, and where you are in the XML, and then modify the annotation in the PDF.

Thank you for the quick response Ryan.

So there is no way to extend an existing annotation type in order to display the XFDF ‘automatically’?