[iOS] Customizing UI and annotation handling with PDFTron library for iPad / Android

Q: I have question. How I can customize popup tool bar menu via pdftron library for iPad? I want, that this tool bar should be like as dock bar in screenshot from GoodReader.

A: The sample app’s annotation editing behaviour is implemented in the included library libTools.a (or tools.jar on Android). PDFNet customers are provided with the source code for libTools.a, with which you could modify or extend the provided editing functionality as little or as much as necessary, or use it simply as sample code to create something entirely new (such as a GoodReader style toolbar).

You may notice that in the sample app, the included popup toolbar is actually optional, which you can see by compiling the sample app without including libTools.a and removing the line “[pdfViewCtrl setTool:[[[PanTool alloc] initWithPDFViewCtrl:pdfViewCtrl] autorelease]];”. When this is done, the app will scroll as normal, but there will be no response to long presses and links will stop working. PDFViewCtrl provides access to events that occur on it via the ToolDelegate protocol (defined at the bottom of PDFViewCtrl.h), and it is by using this protocol along with the rest of the PDFNet API that libTools.a implements its functionality.


Starting with version 6.1.0 of the Android PDFNet SDK, the Tools library is now shipped as an Android Library, and its source code can be found in the samples folder. The package does not include the Tools.jar anymore, and you now have the flexibility to include the source directly into your project or create a separate library for your projects.