[iOS] Help with Tools Customization



we don’t want popup on long-press,our requirement is like there will be two buttons named “draw Annotation” and “delete Annotation”.
When you click draw annotation button then only panGesture should be enabled and after drawing PanGesture should be disabled.

Same thing for delete if you click “delete button” then a tapGesture should be enabled and after delete happens that TapGesture should be disabled.

we drawing three annotations(line,circle,text)at a time, line should follow finger movoment,and when u release your finger circle and text annotation should be drawn.
I would suggest looking at the tools that are already implemented as a good source of sample code, and then creating new ones based on the existing ones that implement exactly what you want. You may find it handy to listen to PDFViewCtrlDelegate’s toolChanged selector if you are trying to monitor which tool is currently active.