iOS Library Size



We noticed that the size of the iOS SDK is around 100MB which seems large for a mobile application. Are there options to reduce this, or do most of your clients include it in their mobile applications as-is?

A: The iOS static library, libPDFNet.a, contains five architectures: armv7, arm64, i386, x86_64. The first two are for devices and last two for simulators. As a result the library contains 4 copies of the machine code. The simulator code will never be linked into your app, only the armv7 and arm64. Note that because it’s a static library, only the classes that you actually use will be linked in and added to the final binary. U\ PDFNet will typically add about 20 MB to the size of your app. To get a feeling for the size of the app in the app store, use Xcode and go Product->Archive, and then when the organizer pops up with a list of your archived apps, click the “estimate size” button.