iOS Memory Retained After Calling [myPDFViewCtrl CloseDoc]



I’m using the iOS simulator to build my app, and after calling [myPDFViewCtrl CloseDoc], Xcode’s built-in memory profiler is showing that not much memory is being released. Thoughts?


This is normal for the simulator, and it does not occur on an actual device. If you run the app in the simulator using the allocations instrument you should see it drop to about 20 MB, of which ~4 MB is taken up by PDFNet and ~16 MB is taken up by a simulator objects (specifically a 16 MB VM: Dispatch continuations object, which is observable even in an empty app that doesn’t use PDFNet). I don’t know why the build in Xcode memory profiler is inaccurate on the simulator but over time I’ve grown not to trust it.

If you run the app on a device, you will see the memory drop to ~6 MB, which is observable using both Xcode’s built in memory profiler and the allocations instrument.