(IOS) Methos, FindText does not highlight the text that I search.

I use this method “FindText” to search for text, but the words are not marking.

I use the SDK 6.5.4 trial, IOS 10.0.

Code that I use:

[self.pdfViewCtrl FindText:@“text” MatchCase:NO MatchWholeWord:NO SearchUp:YES RegExp:NO];

Thanks for the help!

Note, that since you set searchup to true, this is searching from the current position back to the first page. Also, this only searches the visible text on screen.

In the tools project there is a separate control that provides a full document search.

If the above information doesn’t help, then is this file specific or do you see this issue with any document.

If file specific please send us the file in question. If it is private, please send to support at pdftron.com