iOS Miscellaneous Samples: Where is the output?



I ran the project Miscellaneous Samples and when I click on any of the
entries it just updates the text at the top of the screen with a
description of the sample code, e.g. when I click on ImageExtractText it
says “This sample illustrates couple of approaches to PDF image extraction”
and nothing more happens. Should it be doing something more or am I missing
some step?


The sample code contained in Miscellaneous Samples are meant as programmatic code samples that demonstrate the use of the PDFNet API. GUI code is not included in these samples because it would add extra complexity, detracting from the main purpose of the sample which is to demonstrate usage of the PDFNet API. (All of these samples are also available in other languages for other platforms.)

To get the most out of the sample, it would make sense to look at the source code and its comments to understand what is being demonstrated. The entry point for this sample is the selector runImageExtractTest() in the file ImageExtractTest.m. In the case of the ImageExtractTest, some informational output is written to the console via NSLog statements, and the extracted images are written to the app’s document folder (which can be accessed via iTunes file sharing).