iOS / ObjC - Ink annotation "dot" appears hollow.

Currently using PDFNet SDK for iOS / ObjC, v6.5.3.

When a user attempts to define an ink annotation that contains a dot (single touch event / no path, ex: lower case i or question mark) the resulting annotation does not seem to include the dot. Upon further inspection, zooming in really close reveals that the dot is present but the body of the point is transparent. The resulting appearance is a circle shape with a very very thin border.

This can be replicated in the Samples/PDFViewCtrlDemo that is included with the SDK. Is this a bug in the SDK or is there a property that I need to set when defining ink annotations to support single touch point ink annotations?

Attached a sample image to this post. It may be a bit hard to make out, but if you look closely you will see the outlines of three “dots” just above and to the right of the “e” character.