iOS - Problems updating from 6.1 to 6.3


I'm working on an app for my client that currently uses the 6.1 iOS library and has some source code changes in the Tools library for our purposes. I'm in the process of updating to the 6.3 lib so that I can support 64 bit builds.

After the tedious but straightforward tasks of adding the PT and pt namespace components to many classes and adding the framework, etc. I'm now compiling and linking, and mostly running.

It seems there is a fairly significant change in the way that the PTPDFViewCtrl handles tool changes - the delegate used to call toolChanged: and we have some custom logic in there to prevent saving annotations to PDFs that are not saved to the persistent local reading list. That method is not a delegate method of PTPDFViewCtrl now and I'm not sure where to find documentation or examples of the correct delegate and usage patterns to use with the new library.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Related to this question, I'm wondering if it's possible to download copies of older libs or sample code to inspect too?



The tools hook up changed in 6.2, as described in this blog post:

To continue to receive the toolChanged event, you will need to do something along the following lines, as is shown in the Complete Reader sample.

self.toolManager = [[ToolManager alloc] initWithPDFViewCtrl:self.pdfViewCtrl];

self.pdfViewCtrl.toolDelegate = self.toolManager; // new “open source” object that manages individual tool lifecycle

self.toolManager.delegate = self; // will send your VC tool events (toolChanged, annotationAdded/Modified/Removed)