iOS reports "PDFNet is running in demo mode" on load

Product: PDFNET iOS

Product Version: 9.1.0-78529

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iOS prints “PDFNet is running in demo mode” to the console on load (before any access to the framework).

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If you create a new iOS app project in Xcode, with the PDFTron package linked via the Swift Package Manager but otherwise completely unreferenced and unaccessed, then running the app results in:

“PDFNet is running in demo mode.”

Logged to the console before the app’s “main” is called.

It is possible to subsequently call PTPDFNet.initialize with a valid license key and PDFNet will behave as expected (no watermark) so I assume this spurious error can be safely ignored but it’s a little scary to see – we would rather not have any license failures in the wild.

As far as I’m aware, this problem in new in the most recent build of PDFNet iOS.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for getting in touch with us about this.
Just for context, that demo message is because PDFNet is internally being initialized in demo mode so that a licence key is not needed to evaluate the SDK, but once you initialize it with your valid key, it is no longer in demo mode (otherwise the watermark would be visible as you observed).

We agree that the message is confusing and are investigating the best approach to resolve this.