IOS Tool manager readonly mode?

Using Xamarin, Android and UWP both allow the the ToolManager to be set readonly, is this functionlity available in IOS?


Hi Jamie,

The iOS ToolManager does not have a “readonly” property, but this can be simulated by disabling all annotation creation and editing, and all interaction tools except text selection. A Xamarin.iOS build with the option to disable tools will be publicly released end of this week so stay tuned.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Hi Jamie,

Just a quick followup on this. The new build is now available. You can download it using the below link:

Sample code to disable text highlight tool and ink tool:

mToolManager.SetPermissionsForExtendedAnnotTypeCanCreate(pdftron.PDF.PTExtendedAnnotType.Highlight, false);
mToolManager.SetPermissionsForExtendedAnnotTypeCanCreate(pdftron.PDF.PTExtendedAnnotType.Ink, false);

Or, to disable link annotations:

mToolManager.SetPermissionForInteractionToolType(pdftron.PDF.PTInteractionToolType.LinkFollowing, false);

Please let me know if this works for you, and if you have any further questions.


Hi Shakthi,

This seems to work fine.

However when submitting an updated build to the App Store, we received the following error :

ERROR ITMS-90596: “Invalid Bundle. The asset catalog at ‘Payload/’ can’t be read. Try rebuilding the app with a non-beta version of Xcode and submit it again.”

This only happens after updating pdftron? After rolling back the change the build was accepted by the apple store. Any ideas?



Hi Jamie,

Note that this SDK was Built with Xcode 10.0 (10A254a). What version of Xcode are you currently running? Did you rebuild the tools code on your end?


I just updated via nuget, modified code to include changes and built through our usual pipeline.

Built using the VSTS hosted mac with Xcode 10