Is it normal that pdfdoc.GetTrailer().IsFree() returns true?

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If I do a .IsFree on the the Obj returned by doc.GetTrailer object it seems to always report true??? But if i ignore that and do an .IsDict it also answers true, and I can work with a getDictIterator

I’m not quite sure if this is what you are saying with the second line in this quote:

"You can use GetType() or obl.Is???() member functions to find out type-information at run time, however most of the time the type can be inferred from the PDF specification.

Therefore when you call doc.GetTrailer() you can assume that returned object is a dictionary. If there is any ambiguity use Is???() methods." from here


This is correct behavior, since Trailer is not part of the cross-reference table. Some view it as the first entry in the xref table (which is always marked as free).