Is it possible to replace text in WebViewer and have it reflow?

Q: When I replace text using ContentReplacer, the new text is sometimes too small (creating additional whitespace) or too large (creating overlapping text). Is there a way to have the text reflow instead, perhaps using the new ContentEdit feature in WebViewer described at Text-edit | Apryse Documentation ?

Yes, here is a code sample for doing so:

  path: '/lib',
}, document.getElementById('viewer')).then(i => {
  instance = i;
  const { documentViewer, Annotations, Search, ContentEdit } = instance.Core;

  documentViewer.addEventListener('documentLoaded', async () => {
    const searchText = "Important"; ///// YOUR SEARCH TERM HERE
    const mode = Search.Mode.PAGE_STOP | Search.Mode.HIGHLIGHT;
    const results = [];
    const searchOptions = {
      fullSearch: true,
      onResult: (result) => {
        // with 'PAGE_STOP' mode, the callback is invoked after each page has been searched.
        if (result.resultCode === Search.ResultCode.FOUND) {
          results.push(result); // getPoints will return Quad objects
      onDocumentEnd: async () => {
        await ContentEdit.searchAndReplaceText({
          toReplace: searchText,
          replaceWith: "Foxy", ///// YOUR REPLACEMENT TARGET HERE
          searchResults: results,
          documentViewer: documentViewer,
        console.log('search replace ended')
    console.log('search replace started')
    await documentViewer.textSearchInit(searchText, mode, searchOptions);