Is it possible to stream word document to pdf from s3 on aws linux mode 14 lambda

Product: pdftron pdfnet wordtopdf

Product Version: all 9.0+

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Is it possible to stream word document from s3 and convert to pdf back to s3 on aws linux 2 14 lambda.
(without using the ‘hidden’ tmp file system.)

Licenced linux version our proof of concept did use the underlying linux architecture when running on aws but this is not seen as ‘normal’ behaviour for many - in fact at time of original poc the availability of the ‘file system’ was not something that was widely known or discussed… but we started finding references after struggling,

Also development on Mac was more difficult as we realised that we needed to use vagrant or docker. using aws linux 2 images (necessary because npm install pdftron… created library components based on underlying os and also that we have linux licence only)… So we are changing our build pipelines to accommodate that and fact that our existing is linux image was alpine - we understand pdftron doesn’t like alpine linux or amd architectures…

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Hello Ashley,

Thank you for contacting us about this. Just to confirm, are you looking to convert files all in memory without using the filesystem? If so, its possible to do this via the office2PDFBuffer method.

If this is not what you are looking for, could you please provide us with further details as to what you are looking to accomplish (input and example output along with screenshots, if applicable).

Thank you.