Is it safe to use PDFTron PDF rasterizer within a Windows service?

Q: I am writing to ask about how PDFTron rasterizes images (i.e.

Specifically is the GDI/GDI+ used in the process to render images? I
plan to run a windows service that can generate images from PDF
documents and have learned that the GDI+ cannot be used in a Windows


“Classes within the System.Drawing namespace are not supported for use
within a Windows or ASP.NET service. Attempting to use these classes
from within one of these application types may produce unexpected
problems, such as diminished service performance and run-time

Will PDFTron/PDFDraw execute properly in a Windows Service?
A: By default PDFDraw is using its own rasterizer
(PDFRasterizer.Type.e_BuiltIn) and does not use GDI or GDI+. As a
result you can safely use PDFNet to render PDF and other files within
a Windows Service.