Is 'PDFNet for .NET' a '100% Pure' managed .NET component or is it a COM wrapper?


We are using your PDF solution for viewing and editing PDFs and so far
it is definitely 'the best' PDF toolkit out there. I spent a great
deal of time evaluating (and wasted money :frowning: ) on other PDF APIs only
to quickly discover that they can't deal with so many PDF documents we
recieve from our clients each day. I wish I found you guys earlier.
... <snip>

My question is that we may (at some point) want to run PDFNet on Linux
(right now our system is Windows based). Is 'PDFNet for .NET' a '100%
Pure' managed .NET component or is it a COM wrapper?

Norbert R.


Norbert, Thank you for your words of praise! This definitely motivates
us to do even better job in future. I added your question (with
permission) to PDFNet SDK knowledgebase:

PDFNet for .NET is a regular .NET component and is not a COM wrapper
or similar (we do offer a separate cross-platform library for C/C++).
PDFNet for .NET is implemented in Managed C++ (also known as C++/CLI,
which is another .NET language). We do use a small number of native
modules (e.g. for JBIG2 and JPEG2000 compression and software-only
rasterizer) which would be to too slow or impractical if completely
implemented in managed mode. In case you don't need any of these APIs/
features we can also provide you with a 100% Pure .NET solution that
does not use any unmanaged API-s.

Another option is that you can use our cross-platfrom C++ library
which is also available on Linux, Mac OSX, and Solaris.

Rob @ Support