Is PDFNet SDK available as unmanaged 64-bit C/C++ library?

Q: Your website says the PDFNet SDK is available as a .NET component,
JAVA, AND as a C/C++ library on Windows etc. However, I have a need
for a 64-bit C/C++ library for running on Windows. Do you have a
configuration that would work natively in 64-bit unmanaged processes?
A: You could use 32- bit version of PDFNet SDK on both 32 and 64-bit
windows (for everything except for conversion via a virtual printer

If required, PDFTron also offers a true 64-bit unmanaged library: (or from

Q: I tried to run PDFNet for C++ samples on 64-bit Windows but I get
an error. I use Visual Studio 2010.
What I am doing wrong?

A: After you open a sample solution select Menu > Build >
Configuration Management and select 'x64' option.