Is the C/C++ API the same as .NET or JAVA? Current differences between PDFView samples?

Q: I have a question about the PDFView sample project. Is it possible
that the c++ version is a bit behind? The screenshot on the main page
of your website looks completely different from mine (I know it's the
Java version, judging by the application icon). I had hoped to see the
text selection in action, because it's interesting for our product
A: Exactly the same functionality is available for all languages and
platforms. So, the core C/C++ library is at par with .NET or Java
version. The only difference is that, at the moment, PDFView C++
_sample_ project doesn't implement some of the GUI features (e.g. text
selection, copy & paste, text search, markup etc) that are present in
C#, VB or Java samples. Nevertheless, nothing prevents you from
extending the current sample project with the new functionality. Also,
we will most likely extend the C++ sample code so that PDFView sample
application looks and behaves consistently across different languages/