Is their any way to clear previously stored signature?

Product: PDFNet

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Can you tell us, is there any way to clear the saved signature for next time?
If any user mistakenly stores the signature, is there any way to clear out it, and user can able to create a new signature? When selecting a signature, there is no style option to change the signature.

(For ios and android both)

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Hi rankit.agarwal,

  1. If a user mistakenly stores a signature you can remove it by using the interface by first selecting the Signature Tool, there should be a drop down which opens a dialog where you can edit and then delete previous signatures. I have included a video that demonstrates this on Android:

The interface is similar on iOS. You will be able to see an edit option after selecting the tool and launching the dialog.

  1. Currently this use case is handled by having the user delete their older signature and recreate a new one in the new style.

At the moment signature styles cannot be edited after you have created them. Could you tell us the importance of this feature important and how your customers will use this feature?