Is there a difference between the PDFNet SDK and DocPub when converting documents to XOD?


I’m trying to decide between using the PDFNet SDK (with the Convert Add-On) and DocPub CLI for converting documents to XOD. Does it matter?


The PDFNet SDK is a full-featured toolkit for creating, viewing, converting, and editing PDF documents. It can edit and flatten annotations and merge XFDF documents. Along with the Convert Add-On, PDFNet Add-Ons are available for Optimization, Flattening, Redaction, and PDF/A conversion.

DocPub is an easy-to-use, multi-platform command-line program that can be used for high-quality conversion from a wide range of document formats to HTML, EPUB, XOD, XPS, and PDF.

DocPub is a small subset of PDFNet SDK functionality. PDFNet is a software component/library rather than a CLI app. It offers an extensive API that is more powerful than DocPub.

The underlying code for converting documents to PDF is identical.