Is there a generic function that adds these annotations to the document?

Product: WebViewer

Product Version: v8.12.0

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I need to know what generic function that adds the annotation when I use one of the tools from the header, because I want to add a customData every time an annotation is created.

I cannot do the ANNOTATIONS_CHANGED event because the annotation might come from the document itself. And I don’t want to include those when exporting the annotations.

Thank you.

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Hello Kim,

I think you can achieve desired results by using annotationChanged event and including the “imported” property of a “info” object. You can read more about it here: Apryse Documentation | Documentation

Im not sure I fully understand your first question, but I think you should take a look here:

Also, here:

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Hi @bjovanovic ,

Apologies for the very late reply.
I am trying to figure out if we can manipulate the function for:
Drawing a rectangle using the RectangleTool

Because whenever a user, draws a rectangle, I wanted to set a custom data using the setCustomData function to that annotation.
But I want to do it for the all the tools in the toolbarGroup-Annotate,
so curious if they have like an onClick or mouseLeftUp function that we can add/change?

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Ah actually it’s in here: Apryse Documentation | Documentation

Thanks! Closing this.

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