Is there a way to debug WebViewer-UI from application?

WebViewer Version: 8.1.0

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Debugging WebViewer-UI from Angular application

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I embedded WebViewer into my Angular application with customized UI, I need to see how WebViewer-UI is seeing/interacting with my custom data which is not saved into the PDF.
However, the WebViewer-UI package is not debuggable, setting path/uiPath to development WebViewer-UI src doesn’t have(which will not load WebViewer), setting webviewerServerUrl to localhost address of WebViewer-UI doesn’t load PDF because that is indeed not a server.
Is there a way to debug WebViewer-UI from my application in real-time to save re-build time and be easier for debugging?

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I am not sure what you have customized and what you are looking for. You should be able to run your project locally to debug and test the code you have implemented. I am not sure which parts of the WebViewer UI you are interacting with and what data you are working with so I think this would be difficult to answer as it seems specific to your setup. Could you please provide more specific details on what you are doing and looking to do? What component from the UI were you looking to get more information from?

You could try to run the UI with WebViewer Core as described in the README on the public UI repo: GitHub - PDFTron/webviewer-ui: WebViewer UI built in React. That should allow you to run the UI and test it before building ng it for your app project. Once built, the contents of the new build folder should replace the contents under lib/ui.

Andy Huang