Is there an event handler to know when more bookmarks have been added to the outline panel?

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OUTLINE_BOOKMARKS_CHANGED does not appear to work

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import { Subject, fromEvent } from ‘rxjs’;

I do not enter line 44 when I have made a change to bookmarks in the OutlinePanel

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I was hoping there was some event handler to alert me whenever the outlinePanel has changed, specifically whenever new bookmarks appear in the outline, like what happens when I click a parent bookmark, so I thought of using the event listed above.

Can I use the above event to accomplish this? If so, may I see a working sample.
If not, may I see a workaround?


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Thank you for contacting us about WebViewer. I tried seeing if the bookmark event handler works with RXJS in a React sample and it seem to work fine. You can see a sample of what I did below (552.5 KB)

What version of WebViewer are you using and what framework are you running it in (Angular, Vue, React, etc)? Does the event work when not using it with RXJS? Also what are you doing to trigger the event (adding new bookmark, deleting them, etc)? Thank you

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