Issue on the getFileData() [Angular]

I am using @pdftron/webviewer for Angular. What is the issue:
I have a method outside of
WebViewer( {..}).then((instance) => { this.webViewerInstance = instance; .... }) and I call it when a button is clicked. The body of the method

When I call the method It stops the line which getFileData is called. Can You help me on this issue?

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Hi utamuratov
Thanks for contacting us for support. I have tried your code, it works fine. I code like this

async click () {
    const { documentViewer, Annotations, annotationManager } = this.wvInstance.Core; 
    const doc = documentViewer.getDocument();
    this.xfdfString = await annotationManager.exportAnnotations(); 
    const data = await doc.getFileData({xfdfString: this.xfdfString}); 
    const arrToSave = new Uint8Array(data);
Can you recheck your code and if you don't mind send me your entire code and the version of your webviewer