Issues regarding Gradle syncing (403 Forbidden)

Recently there has been outage to some external maven repositories causing build errors for many of our clients. This has been erroneously reporting our S3 bucket as the host for these third party libraries and an error 403 is shown.

Could not get resource '<LibraryName>.pom'.
Could not GET '<LibraryName>.pom'. Received status code 403 from server: Forbidden

PDFTron’s S3 bucket is added to your search path, where gradle will attempt to resolve all your dependencies to reach the library file. It basically uses all available paths listed under allProjects to find your library, and because PDFTron is defined there it will use that as well.

Just to clarify. PDFTron’s S3 do not host these libraries. Gradle will attempt to use it to look up that third party library because its defined in the allproject configuration. PDFTron’s S3 will only host the Apryse SDK libraries.

Unfortunately you will need to be responsible for reaching out to these third party libraries to resolve this issue as these are not part of the Apryse SDK scope. We apologize for the inconvience.