Issues with the ability to change the stroke size of the drawing tool

WebViewer Version: Current demo

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The demo site is an issue

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Does the issue only happen on certain browsers?
This appears to be related specifically to Mobile Safari. I’ve been able to reproduce on actual devices and the simulator in iOS 15.4, 15.4, and 16.0 … 16.1 seems to work correctly.

Is your issue related to a front-end framework?
Not Sure

Is your issue related to annotations?
Not sure

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While utilizing the annotation / markup tools you’re not able to change the stroke size of the tools. It stays at the default value.

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Please see the link below to try and see the issue Dropbox - RPReplay_Final1666982906.MP4 - Simplify your life

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Existing Webviewer has issue.

I tested in ios 15.4, Safari, on a physical device and it worked correctly, I was able to change stroke size from the tool. Can you reproduce it consistently?

@Sardor_Isakov yes, I can consistently reproduce it. I was able to reproduce it with @paul-pdftron today on the simulator as well. It appears to be a device-specific situation because I upgraded an iOS 15.4 ipad to iOS 16.1 and it’s failing there as well too.

I’d be happy to setup a screenshare to show you if you’d like.

Hello cthornbe,

Apologies for the delay! We are able to reproduce this issue, and we have added it to our backlog as high priority.

Thank you for reporting this!

Best regards,
Tyler Gordon
Web Development Support Engineer

Hi cthornbe,

The fix for this issue has been merged to our experimental build, and it should in our release for 8.12 in Feburary.

To verify the fix, could you download the latest experimental build at PDFTron Systems Inc. | Nightly or using npm install @pdftron/webviewer@8.12-nightly?

Please let us know if this resolve the issue, thank you.